Pro-origami is a system for automatically generating protein structure cartoons. The cartoons are intended to make protein structure easy to interpret by laying out the secondary and super-secondary structure in two dimensions in a manner that makes the structure clear.

The cartoons are drawn in a style similar to those that might be drawn manually using a tool such as Charles Bond's TopDraw program, rather than the purely topological style such as those drawn by TOPS or PTGL, or the detailed hydrogen bonding diagrams drawn by HERA (PROMOTIF), from which the cartoons available in PDBsum are derived.

Pro-origami can also be used as a query interface to a substructure search program.

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More Information

Pro-origami is part of a research project involving A. Stivala, Dr. A. Wirth, Prof. P. Stuckey (University of Melbourne, Australia), Dr. M. Wybrow and Prof. J. Whisstock (Monash University, Australia).

More information can be found on the about Pro-origami page.

If you use Pro-origami in your research, please cite:

A. Stivala, M. Wybrow, A. Wirth, J. Whisstock and P. Stuckey 2011 Automatic generation of protein structure cartoons with Pro-origami Bioinformatics 27(23):3315-3316 doi:10.1093/bioinformatics/btr575

If you use the SA Tableau Search feature, please also cite:

A. Stivala, P. Stuckey and A. Wirth 2010 Fast and accurate protein substructure searching with simulated annealing and GPUs BMC Bioinformatics 11:446

If you use the QP Tableau Search feature, please also cite:

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